We are recruiting a PhD candidate for a project on regulatory decision-making!

We are seeking to hire a PhD Candidate to work with us on a collective research project on stakeholder influence on regulatory decision-making and oversight. Now that (inter)national regulatory agencies have gained more and more decision-making powers, they are increasingly becoming targets of major stakeholders such as firms, interest groups and civil society organizations. We aim to assess the political mobilization of these stakeholders, their impact on regulatory decision-making and investigate how regulatory agencies respond to and can better cope with their stakeholder environment and avoid excessive influence of selected stakeholders. Eventually, the project should answer the question under which conditions and why we observe (different degrees of) regulatory capture. Each of us contributes to this overall goal from his/her own research expertise and interests. Adrià Albareda studies why interest groups are organized as they are by examining the antecedents of their organizational structure as well as the implications for regulatory governance. Bert Fraussen’s research focuses on questions related to organizational design and development of political organizations, notably interest groups, and their involvement in public policy. Caelesta Braun is particularly interested in political influence and strategies of stakeholders and how regulators respond to and cope with a variety of stakeholders in a responsive and effective way.

The main goal of the PhD project is to analyze and explain how regulatory agencies involve different types of stakeholders and use their policy input to judge regulatory risks and decide on regulatory norms and enforcement. As such, this PhD project is complementary to the projects of the other researchers involved in the team and collectively this will ensure a comprehensive examination of stakeholder involvement in regulatory governance. Having already established several databases, a key focus of the project in the coming years will involve analyzing regulatory decision-making. One of your most important tasks will be to develop an innovative perspective on and approach to regulatory decision-making, and contribute to the data collection efforts (e.g surveys, elite interviews, experiments, etc.) to gain more insight into this matter.

We value collaboration and work intensively together in setting up and executing the data collection that is needed in the context of the overall project. This joint data collection effort also provides the opportunity for individual team members to engage in an intensive empirical study for the research topics of their own interest. By bringing our distinct expertise and research skills together in this way, we can genuinely contribute to a collective research endeavor that is more than the sum of the individual parts and inspire each other to make the most out of our own individual research agendas too.

The team is embedded in the Institute of Public Administration of Leiden University, which resides in the brand new campus ‘Wijnhaven’ in The Hague, the Netherlands. It’s a five minute walk from the Hague Central Station and a 20 minute bike ride to the beach. The Hague is the Dutch political-administrative heart and hosts many international organizations. We literally have several of our main objects of study as our neighbors.

Our preferred starting date is November 2017 or by mutual agreement but preferably no later than January 1st 2018. We’re looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious colleague who is genuinely interested in the theme of decision-making and regulatory governance and excited about doing research in general. While we value strong research skills, we also realize that a PhD trajectory is precisely the right time in your research career to consolidate and improve existing research skills and learn cutting-edge new ones. It is also possible to engage in some teaching tasks as well, for instance teaching small scale bachelor classes, giving lectures and supervising MA thesis students. But this depends on your interests and career ambitions, which we are happy to discuss during the interviews. Other than that, we would we very happy to get to know you and talk research!

So, come and join us! Please check out the formal details of the application procedure here, visit this website for further details on the Institute of Public Administration and don’t hesitate to contact Caelesta if you have any questions about the joint research project, the theme of the PhD project, or the team.

We look forward to your application!
Adrià, Bert and Caelesta