Current research Projects


2-Capture: The driving forces of regulatory capture

In 2015 I was awarded a Vidi-grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research to examine the conditions under which regulatory agencies are vulnerable to regulatory capture. That is, what circumstances drive the decision-making autonomy and monitoring capacity or regulatory agencies. The project consists of several modules where we trace regulatory decision-making for selected regulatory issue and combine these with political strategies of stakeholders and organized interests. You can find more information about the project here.

INTEREURO: networks, strategies and influence in the EU 

INTEREURO investigates the mobilization and political strategies and influence of interest groups in the EU: By providing information and other input to the policy process, interest groups can improve the quality and legitimacy of EU decision making. At the same time, the access to decision-makers can be used to advance their own interests. Who are these interest groups? How do they organize? How much influence do they have? The main purpose of INTEREURO is to get a more comprehensive theoretical and empirical understanding of the role that interest groups play in the European polity. Current efforts mainly include analyzing the data and publishing result results together with many of my colleagues who participated in the project team. See my publication page for work-in-progress related to this project.

Comparative Interest Group Populations Network 

I am a member of the comparative interest group populations network that brings together scholars collecting data on interest group populations and mobilization efforts in wide variety of countries and international organizations. We bring together several research projects and endeavours in order to enable comparative work on interest group mobilization and strategies.